We train journalists - in-house and in the field - to improve media standards.


We also coach CEOs, senior executives, directors, board members and corporate communicators to successfully engage with the media and their employees for more effective internal and external communications.


We specialise in new media training with a specific focus on multimedia skills. Our social media capacity building includes introductory and advanced social media skills building.



We've launched South Africa's first e-learning for the Press Code.  Its a modular system that allows journalists at any level to reconnect with the Code values in their own time.  More details...

Media Training 


The training is based on the actual needs and requirements of clients and newsroom. We also customise to suit clients’ strategic goals and objectives.

We are SETA registered. More details

Structured Courses


Our assessors and moderators are SETA accredited and seek to align our training to relevant unit standards where possible.  For a list of programmes contact frayintermedia.  More details