Press Code eTraining 




If you're a publisher or an individual, our learning management system plugs you into an online experience that's world standard.  The press code is fundamental to understanding the ethics of the business of journalism and our training will go a long way to reinforcing that knowledge.  Our ten module training combines online videos with multiple choice questions and case studies giving you a comprehensive knowledge of the Press code.     

Why the Press Code?

There's a growing unease between government and media in South Africa. Knowledge of the Press Code and media law is fundamental to negotiating your way through modern journalism.  For media owners, proof that reporters know the code is an addtional insurance policy against possible legal action.  More information

How it works 

Everything happens online. The system is both desktop and mobile friendly.  Once you register and confirm your email, you'll use the learning management system to study module by module.


You need to pass each module test before moving onto the next.  The whole course will need between ten and twenty hours to complete based on your own pace  

Course Outline 

  • Module 1: Self-regulation

Self-regulation, the proposed media appeals tribunal and how the Press Council works


  • Module 2: Hate speech and defamation

The first of two media-law refresher modules (related section of the Press Code:5) 


  • Module 3: Privacy and public interest

The second media-law refresher module (related sections of the Press Code:3 & 8)


  • Module 4: Guiding principles

Guiding principles for ethical decision-making and an accuracy checklist (related section of the Press Code: preamble and Section 2 and 4)


  • Module 5: Gathering and reporting of news

Section 1 of the Press Code


  • Module 6: Advocacy and comment

Section 6 and 7 of the Press Code


  • Module 7: Headlines, violence and graphic content

Section 9 and 10 of the Press Code


  • Module 8: Anonymous sources and payment for information

Section 11 and 12 of the Press Code


  • Module 9: Assignment


  • Module 10: Final quiz