Starting the Regional Conversation Around Groundwater

The Southern African Development Community (SADC) has a big problem with water. Much of the region’s income is generated by agriculture, but most of the region is already dramatically affected by climate change induced drought. 


That’s why in 2016 the SADC Secretariat oversaw the formation of the SADC Groundwater Management Institute, a regional centre for excellence, to oversee international harmonisation around groundwater. 


The SADC-GMI had hard work in front of it, the least of which was starting the regional conversation around groundwater, so they partnered with frayintermedia to develop a communications strategy aimed at ensuring strong communication around the region and the world. 


We used a custom methodology to identify their key messages, stakeholders and how they would reach out to engage them.


In 2018, when it came time to hold the region’s first groundwater conference, the SADC-GMI chose frayintermedia to be their communications partner, leading to us overseeing media coverage and all published materials around the conference. 


We also designed and published the first edition of the region’s only groundwater newsletter, The Well, with a custom masthead and elegant design, heralding many forthcoming conversations about groundwater in SADC.