Getting your podcast right in 2018

February 13, 2018

 February 13, 2018 marks the celebration of World Radio Day under the theme: "The power of radio and sports."

The common use of the internet has become a defining trait of our lives and podcasts are proving to be a more sensible alternative for consuming information. Listeners can download the audio files and listen at their convenience, on condition that they have internet connection and a smart phone or a computer.

Podcasts allow listeners to access various topics of interest while driving, jogging or even when exercising.

According to Edison Research, podcasting continues to be a growth medium: 40% of Americans aged 12 years and older say they have ever listened to a podcast while 24% say they have listened to one in the past month ( South Africa is more likely to follow suit. 

We spoke to Eldos FM (South Africa) station manager Lorreal De Lange about what constitutes a good podcast. Here are her tips:

Have catchy and concise headlines - A headline should attract your desired audience within seconds. Use numbers and emotive descriptions to give a brief idea of what your podcast is about.

Have a specific focus - Try not to talk about a lot of things. Rather decide on a specific focus and break it down with verified information. 

Define the topic and paint a context for the listener - Define your topic by having a short introduction with background and a summary of your points of discussion.

Use different voices - Having different viewpoints eliminates biases. It also broadens your discussion by offering an assortment of perspectives and facts.

Mind your sound quality - In addition to using good equipment, also be cognisant of background noise and try to have good themed music for your audience. 

Be knowledgeable and interesting - Conduct research on the topic. You don’t want to sound like you are speaking from the top of your head.  Being knowledgeable of the subject will establish you as a reliable source of information. Also keep your audience listening by sounding interested in the topic.

Open feedback channels - Keep the conversation going by allowing your listeners to engage. WhatsApp voice notes, tweets, email and Facebook engagement are good platforms for feedback.

Be consistent - Have a schedule of how often and when you will be uploading your podcasts and stick to it. Regular uploads will score you regular listeners. 

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