July 2017

Dr. Stergomena Lawrence Tax

Executive Secretary SADC

Message from the Executive Secretary of the SADC Secretariat

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Regional integration is not only critical and important but is a necessary tool and strategy for

development. Regional integration, in simple words, is about cooperation and economies of scale.


SADC Member States have agreed to co-operate by pooling their resources together and implement

transboundary projects with greater impact, and more benefit for their citizens. Some of these

projects are featured in this second edition of the SADC Success Stories.


The SADC Success Stories Edition is one of our communication tools to reach out to SADC

citizens and enhance awareness about the positive impacts of our protocols, agreements, policies

and strategies. In 2016/17, a team of experts travelled the SADC region to collect stories that

highlight the recorded achievements and successes in implementing SADC regional development

and integration agenda. The stories cover achievements in the infrastructure, trade and

industrialisation, climate change, finance, peace and security, water management, agriculture and

transfrontier conservation sectors.


The team’s mission included trips overland, by sea and air in order to paint an accurate picture of

how SADC regional integration programmes are changing the lives of SADC citizens for the better.


Just to highlight a few, at the Zambezi River, they saw the construction of the Kazungula Bridge

that will soon form a major transport link in the heart of the SADC region. In Malawi, they learned

about the Bvumbwe tomato, which was developed to address the specific conditions of this region

and the needs of the SADC population. And in Namibia’s Walvis Bay and Mozambique’s Nacala,

they saw two entry points to the growing network of development corridors alongside which the


SADC region will develop in the coming decades. These and other successes of regional integration

are documented using films, photographs and text stories. Together with this publication, the short

videos will be disseminated within the region and beyond to showcase our success.


This production was made possible with support from the German Ministry of Economic

Cooperation and Development (BMZ) through the six programmes implemented by the Deutsche

Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH as part of the German Development

Cooperation with SADC.


The first edition of the “SADC Success Stories”, launched in 2015, reached over one million SADC

citizens through the print brochure, videos and social media. Through this second edition, we hope

to inform more SADC citizens about the benefits of the SADC development and integration agenda

and the importance of Member States rallying around a common agenda.


These stories reflect SADC at a time when regional integration is already adding incalculable value

to the lives of all citizens. With the renewed focus of Member States on industrialisation and

regional infrastructure development, among other priorities, our joint efforts and commitments will

be making the case for the continued integration of the SADC region.