Radio guru Stan Katz and fraycollege launch online radio sales course

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

Veteran radio host and sales legend Stan Katz has partnered with fraycollege to craft an online radio sales course launching on Wednesday, March 25.

The course is called “The Ultimate Radio Sales Course” and is a first for Africa.

frayintermedia’s Seta accredited sister company will offer the 10-module-long course that will help commercial, public, and community radio stations improve the way in which they sell airtime.

"We're pleased to be partnering with veteran radio sales guru Stan Katz to present such a timeous online course like Radio Sales.

"Stan's experience teaching across the African continent makes this a practical course for radio salespersons. I would encourage anyone committed to the long-term sustainability of radio to invest in it," said frayintermedia CEO Paula Fray.

The course is based on Katz’ best-selling book ‘Radio Advertising. A Sound Investment. 10 Key Principles for Maximising Returns’.

“In the course, we not only teach how to conduct a needs analysis but also using the information that you gather how to come up with a strategy,” Stan Katz said.

Katz was a popular radio host in the 80s on South African radio station Radio 702. He climbed the ranks and was the managing director of the station in 1987.

“And then in the mid-90s we acquired other radio stations and I became chief executive of Primedia and I helped establish Primedia as one of the foremost media companies on the continent,” he said.

Katz has worked extensively throughout Africa equipping radio stations with sustainability skills.

“And just to fast forward, by 2010 I was approached by Deutsche Welle to work with them to improve the financial stability of their partner stations. I worked across the continent starting in Liberia several times then Sierra Leone where I worked for the state broadcaster, then [I worked in] Ghana, Kenya, Namibia and Zimbabwe,” Katz said.

Katz said selling airtime in Africa can be difficult because of limited data.

“Advertisers rely on data. So I have come up with a model where you could sell advertising airtime without data and that's been very successful,” Katz said.

As the world turns to limit physical interaction in light of the coronavirus pandemic, e-learning has become more crucial to fill the gap of face-to-face interaction.

“We're launching in the midst of this coronavirus pandemic but this course has been a year in the making. It wasn't a response to this pandemic but just happens to coincide with this.

“So if you're stuck at home or if radio stations are sending their staff home to work from home it's an ideal opportunity to hone their skills and the art and science of radio sales,” Katz said.

Sign up for the radio sales course here.

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