Learn “How to Podcast” with Des Latham and fraycollege

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

The time to move some of our broadcasting online is now, says Des Latham, the creator of the internationally successful podcasts The Anglo-Boer War and Plane Crash Diaries.

Latham has partnered with fraycollege to create an online training course that will help people understand the basics of podcasting as well as the technicalities of the digital medium.

The e-learning course is called “How to Podcast” and will launch on April 16 on frayintermedia’s sister company’s website.

Latham, who has decades of experience in digital media and broadcasting will also present the course.

“So many people are living in remote places at the moment, and into the future. COVID-19 has seen a spike in particular types of podcasting such as fiction, children's stories, and news podcasts,” Latham said.

“How to Podcast” is a comprehensive course that includes strategies, the technicalities of producing a podcast, and the use of digital marketing techniques.

Latham said the course is aimed at both experienced broadcasters and those who want to learn how to plan, organise, record, edit and upload a podcast.

“It looks at the various types of podcasts and audio feeds that are online today and has specific training for those who want to know how to produce a good quality audio storytelling, news, fiction or nonfiction format podcast,” he said.

Latham designed the course mindful of the challenges some African media makers have in keeping up with technology-driven trends without breaking the bank. The course focuses on how to trim costs while still producing a top-quality product.

“We look at realistic ways to purchase microphones, studio equipment, and editing facilities with cost in mind. There are so many ways to get a really good quality recording and African producers don't have the luxury of spare cash to invest in these things. We also explain how to monetise your feed or channel from an African perspective, Latham said.

Latham said his Plane Crash Diaries and The Anglo-Boer War podcast listeners come from all corners of the earth.

“That’s the beauty of this format,” he said, adding that with platforms such as iTunes now sharing these types of content, it is really a special time for storytelling.

“Those who are thinking of a few types of podcasts will make a final decision. Others who have been thinking about doing this will understand how much time and effort it takes, and also the wonderful rewards from generating stories that are heard around the world,” Latham said.

Because of new models in funding content, he also explains how to monetise your podcast using Patreon and Paypal, integrating traditional advertising and marketing concepts with digital methods.

Find out more about the course here.

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