Quiz: Gender parity in SA media

The spotlight is on gender parity, pay gaps and structural inequality as South Africans observe Women's Month. The media industry is not immune to the challenges faced by women, both in South Africa and globally.

Representation in media and media organisations matters. South African radio stations stepped up to the occasion, mixing up their regular line-ups and normal programming to include more female voices. Power FM had a 100% female line-up for the three days leading up to Women's Day on August 9, while other stations brought in additional women as co-hosts in their programming.

But how does South Africa fare when it comes to gender representation? And how much do you know about gender situation in the country's newsrooms? Take this short quiz to find out!

Based on the 2018 findings from the “Glass Ceilings: Women in South African Media Houses” report, you'll soon know whether you're on the money - or have missed the mark.

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