Digital Evolution: fraycollege launches social media masterclass

The social media landscape is constantly changing, and at the speed of these advancements one cannot afford to get left behind. For this reason, frayintermedia is pleased to announce, in partnership with fraycollege, the launch of a new social media masterclass for critical storytellers.

The course, hosted in Greenside and facilitated by experts in the field, will explore the latest global trends in employing social media as a communication tool.

Whether participants are working in South Africa or elsewhere in the region, the course seeks to create an understanding of how and why to use various social media platforms. Specifically designed for busy executives, the programme will run over a six-week period, offering two-hour long sessions held after-hours to accommodate working participants.

As the platforms evolve and change, so too must our use of them and our engagement on them. “Changes to the social media landscape have had a dramatic impact on how we tell our stories and which platforms are best suited to the stories we have to tell our specific audiences,” explains frayintermedia CEO Paula Fray. “It requires constant updating to ensure we are strategic and targeted in our storytelling.”

For those interested individuals who can’t commit to a full six-weeks, the training has also been designed to ensure that the modules can be taken as stand-alone sessions. This means that that participants who cannot attend the full course can chose to attend the specific modules they feel are essential.

For those who prefer to get the course completed in a shorter time, our team also offers a more practical two-day social media course.

The social media training is topical, comprehensive and interactive, and includes the knowledge and tools needed to effectively channel meaningful engagement across various platforms. “Attendees will practice the skills they learn during the sessions and build up a portfolio of multimedia social media content.” said Dr Sandra Roberts, Research and Academic head of fraycollege.

All social media courses includes training in understanding social media, social media strategies, content planning and the practical development of social media content. “The course draws on global trends to identify best practices for impactful social media engagement, with a focus on the theory but more importantly on the practical implementation of the theory of social media engagement,” said Fray.

By the end of the training, participants should have a sound understanding of social media as a strategic communications tool, social media strategy development, content creation and dissemination, social media law and social media ethics, as well as the practical skills to put this knowledge to work.

The first course will start on Wednesday, 12 June 2019 and with the following weekly modules:

  • Week 1: Social media as a strategic tool

  • Week 2: Social media strategy

  • Week 3: Building a content plan

  • Week 4: How to optimise for each platform

  • Week 5: Make content like an influencer

  • Week 6: Copyright, media law and finding open-source content

For more information or to book your spot, visit

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