Change Voices podcast for leadership

frayintermedia has a launched a weekly podcast, Change Voices, to support leaders in addressing the challenges and celebrating the successes of a changing continent.

Hosted by frayintermedia CEO Paula Fray, the podcast was launched on May 1 2019. “This has been bubbling for a while, and what we really want to do is to introduce our audience to women who are challenging the narrative of who leads, who speaks about leadership and how leadership manifests,” said Fray.

The podcast will explore challenges, successes and lessons of leadership through the experiences of diverse women leaders across Africa and beyond.

In the inaugural episode, Fray speaks to writer Sisonke Msimang for advice on how to amplify your voice to ensure that your messages have impact.

In the second episode, Bertha Dlamini - who heads up African Women in Energy and Power - will be speaking on how to build a successful network. In upcoming weeks the podcast will be hosting discussions with other women about a range of topics, including how to start an organisation or initiative, how to mobilise and campaign, how to raise funds, the importance of coaching and mentorship, confidence building and how to find your mojo and pursue your passions.

Fray says she is excited to learn from these women, and to share those lessons with listeners. “The interviews for this initial series have really challenged me to rethink my own actions. I think our listeners will be inspired by the women we have chosen.”

The podcast is produced by a frayintermedia team who will complement the spoken message with a host of social media updates and articles, ensuring that the information imparted has a further reach and a higher impact.

But, says Fray, they hope that the podcast experience will be an interactive one for the audience. “We’re also keen to get feedback from listeners - not only on the published programmes but also on the kinds of interviews they might want to hear in future.”

In addition to Fray, the production team consists of Tebogo Gantsa, who is responsible for research, Jamaine Krige as editor and producer and Desmond Latham as executive producer of the series. Music was composed by David Latham.

More information about frayintermedia and the Change Voices podcast can be found on the frayintermedia website, or on social media platforms by using @frayintermedia on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. The production team will be posting regular updates and sharing the lessons from each week as the series progresses.

The first episode of the podcast can be found here on SoundCloud, and is also available on iTunes.

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