Supercharge your career in 2019

Of the 50% inspired by the dawn of a new year to make career resolutions, only 20% rough it out and actually keep them.

To support you in your new year's career resolutions, we have a 25% discount per e-learning course and up to 35% off for a package of four courses including Journalism Ethics, Court Reporting, Media Law and the Press Code.

To stick to your career resolutions will take some effort. Here's some science-backed advice to help you recharge yours and actually stick to them.

1. Be realistic. Don’t aim for 10 resolutions, but rather choose up to a maximum of four. If you choose too many goals you are more likely to fail.

2. Be ambitious. Now that you have chosen only a few areas to work on, aim high in these areas. Choosing goals that stretch your capacity can be highly motivating. It's important to have a clear, definite goals for your career to achieve significant progress for the year.

3. Pre-commit. Commit now! Many people try to commit in January, which is a bit too late. It is beneficial to have everything set up so that you have momentum into 2019.

Your commitment can be strengthened by committing money. Studies show that a desire not to lose money can be great motivation.

4. Plan how your routines will change. Willpower has consistently been proven to be a limited resource. Supportive routines can help you work towards your career goals without it feeling like a slog. Planning some time into your week, either daily or weekly, will significantly boost your chance for success.

5. Set yourself up with a quick win. Momentum is built by going from success to success. Make sure you can start your year with a quick win. An e-learning course is a great option for getting the quick win, which will provide further motivation.

Pre-committing to e-learning courses is a great way to set yourself up for career strides in 2019. E-learning can help with setting better goals based on deeper understanding of a subject area and help embed career-positive routines and habits. In-built quizzes and gamification elements assist in promoting motivation.

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