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New times call for an exciting new approach. Which is why this Africa Day frayintermedia is proud to reveal its new identity.

We have been operating for more than 13 years across the African continent, and in everything we’ve done our work has always been rooted in the pillars of journalistic excellence and shifting African narratives. This has been reflected in our very identity, down to the design of our logo which was inspired by the bold mastheads of Africa’s greatest newspapers.

Today our logo has been redesigned from the ground-up. The new logo is familiar enough that our old friends will still recognise us, while at the same time reaffirming our commitment to changing African narratives. Key to the new design is movement that speaks to our focus on innovation and movement into digital spaces. The new logo is accompanied by a brand new website, which has been built to showcase our digital products and our focus on people-centered storytelling. As well as hosting our e-Learning platform, the website still hosts our Change Voices blog, which curates all of frayintermedia’s news, as well as thought leadership for African journalists and communicators.

We started out as storytellers on the African continent, but as frayintermedia has evolved over the years our work has expanded far beyond the realm of newspapers and legacy media, and even the continent which birthed us.

Today, in addition to training in person across Africa, the Middle-East and South-East Asia, our e-Learning platforms are helping journalists in many more countries. Our Media Management course has been translated into Arabic, for an all-new audience of journalists and editors from the MENA region. Elements of our media management course have also been translated into Cambodian and Burmese with more translations in the pipeline.

Our communications services are also embracing the future. Our traditional products focussing on column writing and media placement are now augmented with digital campaigns and integrated video content. Our events are now broadcast live on social media, where there is no physical limit on attendance. And our research team produces critical, unique information on African journalists using social media to report the news.

All of this calls for a more dynamic identity which better reflects our status as a leader in the digital media landscape in Africa.

But as much as things change, much still remains the same. Our work has always been strongly committed not just to innovation, but also to doing good. We remain an organisation that works towards African development and to telling empowering narratives which challenge the status quo. As we live out our new identity and lead the way for African Storytellers, we continue to be the bridge, linking the best of the old with the best of the new.

We are happy to continue to partner with you on this journey.

Paula Fray


Managing Director

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