The right organisational research goes a long way

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Research with your target audiences or stakeholders is the foundation of good communication and organisational strategy development. It is only by testing assumptions that you can make sure that your messages will get to your audience in the right channel, in the way that best suits them.

Organisations that get their research right can formulate impactful methodologies for their projects, select right channels for implementation and measure success. If done wrong, organisations stand the risk of working on incorrect findings, which could lead to minimal impact, and financial and reputational losses.

Implementation takes most of your time between planning and final result. Assuming your plan is good, there are a lot of ways solid research can ensure your implementation is maximally effective and your early results are communicated clearly.

Sustained success requires good monitoring and evaluation (M&E) systems. This enables you to assess whether your plan was implemented as intended and documents the unintended positive and negative consequences to improve future projects.

Research Manager at frayintermedia, Dr Sandra Roberts says M&E systems are tricky and can be complex. “Even if you know the terminology and understand the project or service well. Make sure you are going to collect the right information throughout your project with the capacity of your project team. Without these building blocks in place, showing your impact is difficult or impossible,” said Roberts.

frayintermedia research has a team of research and communication experts to investigate your issue, provide insights into your project or organisation in order to ensure your success. Your business or project deserves the best in communications research and research for communications. You’ll get not only rigorous research, but implementation- and communication-ready results.

We use the latest research approaches and best methodologies to get the results you need within your budget. You will be better prepared to undertake projects and launch services, be able to monitor implementation and manage risks, demonstrate your impact and constantly improve.

We work with our clients to conduct assessments and fill the necessary gaps through streamlining or creating policies or demonstrate where your staff’s capacity needs bolstering.

Our research services include:

  • Pre-intervention;

  • Due diligence assessments;

  • Data collection;

  • Communications audit;

  • Communications strategy development;

  • External monitoring and reporting;

  • M&E system development;

  • Curriculum development;

  • Materials development, and;

  • Innovation.

Contact Dr Sandra Roberts on for more information on how we can help improve your organisational practices through our research services.

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