Media Management Foundation e-learning Course launched in South East Asia

In partnership with the World Association of Newspapers (WAN-IFRA) & Women In News (WIN), frayintermedia produced a six-week media management foundation e-learning course. The objective of the course is to equip women with critical leadership skills. This is a catalyst course to help widen diversity in media leadership.

Almost 40 WIN participants were registered in the Media Management Foundation e-learning course at the beginning of February. The registration followed WAN-IFRA’s second annual Southeast Asia summit or WIN-SEA and the launch of WIN in Southeast Asia. Participating countries included Myanmar, the Philippines, Vietnam and Cambodia.

Congratulations to the following participants for completing the Media Media Management Foundation e-learning course. By order of completion the course leaderboard is as follows:

  1. Edith Caduay - Philippines

  2. Pham Vu Van Ahn - Vietnam

  3. Tran Thi - Vietnam

  4. Aurea Calica - Philippines

  5. Joyce Panares - Philippines

  6. Nini Cabearo - Philippines

  7. Carol Bayenga - Uganda

  8. Penelope Nankunda - Uganda

  9. Nguyen Thi Thanh Hai - HCM

  10. Nguyen Thi Mai - HCM

  11. Phan Vu Thuy Trang - Hanoi

  12. Tran Thi Nguyet Anh - Hanoi

  13. Pham Vu Van Anh - HCM

The 2018 Southeast Asian Summit covered a set of recommendations for the media industry to help improve gender balance and safety for women in the industry, with the two overarching themes including:

  1. Concrete steps to increase women’s leadership and voices in the news; and,

  2. Safety and protection for women journalists.

View the full list of recommendations here.

WIN is currently working with more than 80 media from 12 countries throughout sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle-East including: Botswana, Kenya, Malawi, Rwanda, Somalia, Tanzania, Zambia, and Zimbabwe (WIN-Africa) and Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Palestine (WIN-MENA) as well as the newly established WIN-SEA.

Seventy participants from WIN-Africa completed the media management course at the end of 2017. frayintermedia is in the process of adding four other languages to the course, to reach more women in the Middle-East and North-America, and Southeast Asia regions.

Click here to sign up.

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