LINK Centre teams up with frayintermedia to develop memorial MOOC for the late Jeannette Minnie

frayintermedia has been appointed to research, develop and market the Learning Information Networking Center (Link)’s Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) entitled “Civil Society and African Media Policy in the Digital Age.”

Paula Fray, Managing Director of frayintermedia says she is thrilled to have been selected to undertake this project.

"I am so proud that frayintermedia have secured this contract. I cannot think of a better way to pay tribute to an incredible woman than to contribute to her powerful legacy.”

Link Centre is housed at Wits and is an interdisciplinary academic hub which teaches, and researches Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and electronic communications matters in African and other developing-world contexts.

The MOOC was created in memory of Jeanette Minnie, who dedicated her life to advancing media in southern Africa. Through the MOOC, Link Center hopes to sustain the legacy of Minnie by being a knowledge-building resource that empowers civil society and media actors to improve policy, law and regulation for free, pluralistic and independent African media in the digital age.

“We are committed to advancing Africa’s media space, either through working with advocacy organisations, or training journalists throughout the continent,” said Fray. “Through working with Wits University and their CLTD [or the Centre for Learning, Teaching and Development] to develop this MOOC, we hope to sustain Jeannette Minnie’s legacy of open society and spaces of expression.”

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