Northwestern University’s International Programmes implemented in South Africa

The Northwestern University believes in the motto that “students learn best by doing.” The university thus promotes experiential learning for their students, and exposes them to real-world experiences. Through the International Programme Development (IPD) implemented in 15 countries around the world, South Africa being one of them, the students are taken out of their comfort zones and exposed to challenging new and different news environments.

Since 2013, frayintermedia has been coordinating the IPD programmes for the university in South Africa. In the first half of 2017, frayintermedia coordinated programmes for Journalism graduates and undergraduates as well as global health students. Each programme had a specific focus, the only common thread being learning and experiencing South Africa’s historical and cultural background. The focus and implementation in each of the programmes included;

Medill graduates - reporting on complex and wide-ranging issues in South Africa

The first cohort’s focus was on complex and wide-ranging issues in South Africa such as; race and region, African refugees and Chinese South Africans. The group of 14 students was divided into 4 sub-groups, each dedicated to one of the above listed topics. The students had a week (4 Feb – 11 Feb) to gather information towards projects which were published in the university’s publication.

frayintermedia appointed 4 fixers to schedule meetings and accompany the students. Among them was Sandra Roberts and Nhlanhla Kubeka from frayintermedia, freelance journalist Ufrieda Ho and Aiisha Dadi Patel from the Daily Vox.

One of the students shared his final piece with us – here’s his story on African Frefugees published on his blog.

Medill Journalism Residency – Induction programme

On 27–31 March, 12 undergaduate students, were inducted through the South African media landscape and 4 of the country’s top beats; Education, Business, Social Justice and Politics prior to their 3-month internship at various media houses in Johannesburg and Cape Town.

The group visited various titles in the two cities, each student gave background on the history of the publication, its editorial focus and what publishing strategies the publications apply. Northwestern University – Global Health Development

Is an initiative which started in 2005 for Masters students who major in public health issues, development policies, and political reform in contemporary South Africa. A group of 18 students and 4 Faculty members from the university came for a fellowship orientation from 12-15 May 2017 in South Africa coordinated by frayintermedia. The Northwestern University students got a chance to engage with health practitioners from leading organisations including Chris Hani Barangwanath Hospital, Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) and Brothers for Life (Mens health) in Johannesburg.

Prof. Karen Hofman, gave a presentation on the sugar tax research conducted Priceless Priority Cost Effective Lessons for System Strengthening South Africa) at Wits University Education campus. To consolidate the programme, Paula Fray facilitated a panel discussion on health challenges in public health including Tshepo from TAC and Dudu the Soul City Institute

This has been yet another successful program carried out by frayintermedia.

frayintermedia looks forward to coordinating more programs with Northwestern University.

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