Making videos that move

A well-crafted video is a powerful thing. It can capture details and produce striking experiences in ways that other mediums simply can't. More than that, compelling video can travel the world, bouncing through social media and into the public consciousness at a staggering pace. However, these benefits are prohibitively expensive – it costs much more to commission a video team than a writer or photographer. What's more, for every video that takes off there are many more that exist as monuments to wasted money, languishing with a dozen views in some dank corner of the internet.

At frayintermedia we understand that for video to be worthwhile for a client it needs to both meet a high professional standard and have a solid platform to be promoted on. To this end we can implement a variety of techniques that keep video moving quickly and holding the viewer's attention. Our talented camera people capture cinematic visuals, and our technical expertise allows us to bolster these with drone footage and even aerial video shot at fifteen thousand feet. All of this is arranged into sharply edited video with a professional finish which can be made to move on television or social media.

But a work of art is meaningless if it can't be appreciated, so at frayintermedia we make sure that our client's content gets views. Using our extensive experience and network of industry contacts we can place video content on national television and even build social media platforms around projects, making sure that your video takes on a life of its own.

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