Leaders in media training

frayintermedia has trained over two hundred Association of Independent Publisher’s (AIP) members over the past two years in a SETA certified series of programmes. This started in late 2014 with a needs analysis and subsequent training took place in Johannesburg, East London and Polokwane. This means frayintermedia in conjunction with our partner Media24, has facilitated a nation-wide training of publishers in the use of new media.

These modules include Online Writing, Audio Visual Editing for online and mobile, Social Media platforms and Field reporting with a Smartphone. AIP includes publishers countrywide who are mainly print-based operations. frayintermedia initially travelled to various provinces around South Africa with a Media24 team in order to assess their needs.

The training programme was then re-developed and course books completely re-written in order to cater for these needs. Facilitator and frayintermedia head of multimedia, Des Latham, led the programme and was involved in re-developing the course Modules. “The developing world of digital technology means training has to evolve on a monthly basis to cope with the speed of change,” says Des.

We have also been involved in training government communicators in the past year. Twenty-four Government Communication Information Service senior managers and operational staff have received intensive training on Social Media as source and platform, smartphone image and video use, editing online video, and online strategy. Des Latham once again was the lead facilitator in the GCIS training series.

Our team of training and multimedia specialists can deliver customised training in Smartphone apps and their use, audio visual editing for online and mobile, social media strategy, writing for digital and print, broadcast and narrowcasting, including podcasting training, and monetising social media.

We are currently updating various components of legacy training for online use through our successful eLearning facility which is already being used by over 230 South African-based journalists

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