Harnessing the power of online training

In June 2016, frayintermedia announced the launch of an eLearning course on the press code backed by the Press Council and SANEF. Since the launch of the eLearning course we have signed up over 200 journalists from media houses such as Caxton, Media24 and Independent Media. frayintermedia is currently looking into rolling out the course to community media houses.

The course is based on and reinforces the South African code of ethics for both the print and online press. The objective of this course is improve the quality in news reporting by journalists and in turn provide accurate information to empower the readers.

Joe Thloloe, the director of the South African Press Council has alluded to the course as “an important eLearning tool that has to be in the set of every journalist, every newsroom and every journalism school in South Africa”

The South African National Editors Forum and The Press Council have recognised the course as an essential instrument in journalism and both recommend the participation of the news reporting community.

For broadcasters, we’re planning a new online experience which covers the BCCSA code of ethics.

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