Empower a woman, enrich the sector – The Wits Media Management certificate

The Media Management Certificate is University of Witwatersrand (Wits) programme facilitated by frayintermedia. Its main objective is to support the transformation the media by empowering senior media managers, particularly women. It is a platform for women in media to gain more knowledge and skills to rise to senior leadership positions in the industry.

The programme includes a Wits NQF8 Certificate, individual coaching and networking.

Through the help of a qualified coach, participants explore their goals and ambitions, develop their skills and abilities, boost performance and ultimately achieve their dreams. Coaching also affords participants the chance to deal with their issues and challenges of their lives.

frayintermedia partnered with SANEF and WAN to train over 50 women in and around the South African boarders with a record of 94% successful completion of the programme.

A special thanks goes to the FP&M Seta for the funding the SANEF programme where 22 women from different parts of South Africa were provided an opportunity to undertake the course. Congratulations to the participants for all their hardwork and dedication to the programme.

In the same breath, we wish to recognise all the women whom this course has had a positive impact on their lives and careers

The WAN programme had participants from Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, Botswana, Rwanda, Zambia and Zimbabwe, the group was infused with a calibre of women determined to brake boundaries and make a name for themselves in the industry.

Women both groups have provided valuable feedback which will be implemented in forthcoming programmes.

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