Staying on top of mobile technology and social media

With the sheer volume of new platforms and technologies coming out every day, it is becoming increasingly difficult to stay on the cutting edge of the digital revolution. Some platforms are obscure, some are alienating and all of them are daunting at first, but at frayintermedia we have been producing videos which take these complicated technologies and in a quick and easy format, explain how you can use them to create experiences for new audiences.

If you search for frayintermedia on YouTube you will find our channel, which has videos which will explain platforms like Snapchat, an app that uses multimedia for conversations between individuals or broadcasts to large groups of followers and now hosts content custom made for it by a number of massive global publishers. We also explain Periscope, the new video streaming platform developed by Twitter, which allows creators to stream live video to the web from wherever they are, or users to browse videos by location and share in experiences with other people from the other side of the world.

We also look at using cheap, easy to access technologies to produce multimedia. In addition to showing you how to produce media for the above platforms, we look at various apps for editing video on a smartphone and compare them to see which ones are better for which needs. We also look at how you can use free software on your computer to produce broadcast quality audio recordings.

In the coming weeks we'll even be showing you the results from our experiments with WeChat, the Chinese competitor to WhatsApp, which functions both as a messaging service and a platform for companies to broadcast and even do business from.

Visit us here for clips and videos.

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