Highlight your organisation's programs on international days of observance

International days of observance are an effective way to draw media attention to issues that are sometimes difficult to have covered. By running a campaign alongside these days, the issue is more likely to gain traction while it’s on the news agenda and media attention is focused on global events.

In July there are seven international observances, including Nelson Mandela International Day on July 18. It is celebrated on Former President Nelson Mandela’s birthday and aims to promote democracy, peace and justice, globally. It is commemorated with volunteerism across the country.

Brainstorm ideas for stories in advance, and link them to work that your organisation is doing in relation to the upcoming day. Media organisations are generally on the lookout for good stories related to days of observance and if your organisation provides consistent, interesting content, they will likely use your content regularly.

Consider the following international days as news hooks for your programmes:

Jul 11, 2016 World Population Day

Aug 09, 2016 International Day of the World's Indigenous People

Aug 12, 2016 International Youth Day

Sep 08, 2016 International Literacy Day

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