How to handle media interviews

What makes a good media interview? The listener wants an engaging conversation while the journalists wants content that is interesting, newsworthy and provocative.

Where does that leave you, the interviewee? No matter how many times you speak to the media, its wise to be prepared for every interaction. Know what you want to achieve with the interview by understanding your target audience: what information do they need and how can you give them that information in a engaging way?

It starts by knowing your subject. If there is sufficient time, it is useful to know the environment. Having prior media training - particularly when dealing with difficult subjects or in a crisis. Where possible, prepare for unfriendly questions.

Focus on your key messages during the interview - it is counter-productive to try to get too much information into a short interview. Do you know what your key messages need to be? Decide this ahead of time!

Research shows that people remember how you said something long after they have forgotten what you have said. Your body language an presentation skills are important!

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