4 tips on creating effective infographics

Infographics have become an increasingly popular storytelling form. They’re often colourful, easily navigable and turn huge swathes of data into an interesting and accessible story.

With today’s access to information on the web, just keeping up with the news can be overwhelming. Most people experience an information overload when they open their social media feeds. If done right, an infographic can help distill information while still telling a compelling story.

Tips for good infographics:

  1. Give your elements enough breathing space: Don’t crowd your infographic with information. Ensure that there is enough white space for different elements to communicate effectively.

  2. Use text sparingly: It goes without saying that the point of an infographic is that it is text translated into graphics to tell a story. Too much text would defeat the purpose of an infographic.

  3. Don’t use something just because it’s pretty: If an element is unrelated to or detracts from the story you’re telling, lose it, but this doesn’t mean your infographic has to be spartan or void of life, which brings us to the last tip

  4. Have fun! If you’re creating an infographic, hopefully it’s on a topic you find interesting. Even if this isn’t the case, think about how you would want that information presented to you.

Click here for an example of an infographic we did.

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