Frequently Asked Questions


From general concepts to specific programmes,  check the list of questions we usually get below for more information. 

 01Can you do on-camera training for CEOs?

Yes, our multimedia team is headed up by broadcast and digital editor Des Latham with years of experience in Business Television at Business Day and Financial Mail.  He's aware of just how good your CEO needs to look and sound and brings his wealth of experience to the training.  



 02I need custom training designed for our organisation.

It's not one size fits all.  We're able to tailor the training and content for your organisation or company.  From NGO's to corporates,  we've trained a diverse group of people around the world.  



 03  Can you assist with our social media delivery?

We provide services in the social media space which includes Twitter uploading,  image delivery, clips for youtbue and a host of other digital tools.  We are also experienced in social media policy and strateg, along with legal rights and wrongs. 



 04  Can you show us how to use Smartphone Apps in Journalism?

We're specialists in the use of mobile devices and journalism.  From social media platforms and the latest developments, to the ethics of the use of mobile phone cameras,  contact us for our range of products.  



 05  Do you train internationally? 

Our staff have trained journalists around the world. While our focus is in Africa,  our training has taken place across the world.  We're also able to travel to places which are hard to get to on some passports such as Egypt, Iran and Venezuela.