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The Press Code

A first in South African journalism, the online training on the vital Press Code under the auspices of the Press Council features a ten module course that will take around 20 hours to complete.  Each module features documents, video or audio and a short multiple choice test.  Learners must pass each test before moving onto the next module.  More details..

R500 per person

Women Thought Leadership

We've built a specific focus on training women in news over the years and have a depth of understanding in this sector that is hard to beat.  Because we work in a diverse environment our trainers can cope with regional, language and cultural differences that are often difficult to traverse.  Subjects include innovation, advanced newsroom management, finance for managers, marketing tools and a host of other relevant topics.

On Camera Training

With the world of online and broadcasting demanding more of your time, leadership across the world has found that communicating effectively is crucial.  With our lives dominated by smartphones that take pictures and video,  and a plethora of broadcasting channels,  our CEO's and MD's are now facing cameras more regularly than ever before.  We specialise in training high ranking executives professionally and confidentially.  

Media Management Certificate

When journalists turn into managers some lack the basic skills required to lead their staff.  We've structured a course working in conjunction with high profile partners such as Wits University to facilitate courses that are designed to generate the next wave of leaders in the sector.  

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Mobile Journalism

From application management to costing and ethics, we've built a world class mobile journalism course which is both accredited and functional.  


Newsroom Management

Newsroom management around the world has become more difficult as social media platforms demands both a sense of immediacy and accuracy.  Our course is modular and allows for local issues around the world.  We've trained news managers in Africa and beyond.

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Newsrooms are finding that the digital conversion has led to a loss of skill in many instances.  We've trained sub-editors in both legacy publishers and new media on the basics all the way up to advanced sub-editing. The skills required include working to a style guide, production flow and core techniques.  

Social Media Strategy

It's a legal minefield and we're used to training corporates as well as government or non-government organisations on the basics of Social Media.  Our trainers are also highly skilled in media law and can assist in style decisions as well as marketing concepts.  

Negotiable based on number of trainees

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